Getting legal representation from a criminal defense attorney immediately after you are accused of a crime in Louisiana should be your top priority.

Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge, LA

Contrary to belief, the system is not designed to protect the innocent but to get a conviction. You have the right to remain silent and it is often advised to do so until you can speak to your attorney. Anything you say to authorities can and will be used against you without regard to your innocence. Many people plead guilty to a crime out of intimidation of the legal system or because they are unaware of their options. That’s where Greg Gouner and his team can help.

We represent clients statewide in both state and federal court and help them avoid or reduce the harsh penalties associated with a criminal conviction. Our law office has handled most kinds of criminal cases ranging from drug trafficking to bench warrants and informs you of all your possibilities before you have to enter the courtroom. If you have been accused of a crime, call us today for a free consultation to get the representation you deserve.


Receiving a DWI is perhaps the most serious traffic related charge you can get. Louisiana has a DWI cut-off of .08 grams of alcohol per blood or breath sample (BAC). The penalties can be severe even on a first offense and affect your driving privileges.

Traffic Tickets

Don’t try to beat LA Traffic Court yourself. Hiring an attorney can keep the ticket off of your record and help you avoid high rates from insurance companies. Most traffic tickets we handle are dismissed or amended without the need for a court appearance.

Bench Warrants

The first time you realize that you have a bench warrant is generally at a traffic stop. If the officer does not take you to jail at the time of the stop, contact an attorney immediately so that the warrant can be recalled. This can often be accomplished with minimal court appearances.

Drugs and Narcotics

A drug conviction can burden good people for the rest of their lives and affect their ability to find employment. Even minor drug convictions have serious consequences. For example, exotic smoking pipes and dietary scales could be considered drug related by law enforcement.

Driving Under Suspension

Being charged with Driving Under Suspension (DUS) often represents a double hit; you have to deal with the initial charge that the policeman cited for the stop as well as the DUS. In addition to the original reason your license was suspended, this charge can add an extra year to the suspension as well as several hundred dollars worth of fines. An attorney can often arrange to have the charges dismissed or at least prevent the mandatory yearlong suspension that comes with this offense.

Hit and Run

A hit and run charge can involve the loss of your license and up to six months in jail. This kind of charge often results from a traffic accident that is either reported after the fact or when one party leaves. Several court appearances are generally required. Having the right defense attorney can help you avoid the high fines and lengthy jail time.

Sex Crimes

Texting, social media, and dating apps make it very easy for situations to escalate quickly and for misunderstandings to occur. We have experience in handling sex crime cases including sexual misconduct and statutory accusations. If you have been arrested or accused of a sex-related crime, even if they lied about their age, get legal representation immediately from an experienced defense lawyer in Baton Rouge.

Embezzlement/ White Collar Crimes

Far too often, good citizens find themselves making the wrong decisions due to financial or social pressures that loom. We help individuals who have been accused or of embezzlement. We are here to fight the charges pressed against you in both the state and federal courts. Our criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in the process and can help you avoid the harsh sentences and penalties.

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