Don't mess around with warrants. You can run, but you really cannot hide. And when the "long arm of the Law" catches up, it can be a mess, cost you money and time, and take on a life of its own.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney and Clear Your Warrant

Any magistrate or judge can issue a warrant in Louisiana. The police can submit a sworn statement or complaint against someone accused of a crime. The judge then issues an arrest warrant. The problem is, the accused person may not get a notice or have any idea a warrant was issued or requested. You can also be issued a warrant for failing to appear in court, which could result in consequences to arise and cause you more problems. Baton Rouge Attorney Greg Gouner and his team can assist in clearing your name from the warrants issued against you.

Our attorneys will guide you through the process of having a warrant issued and assisting them in any matters that applied to the warrant. You may not even need to appear in court. 

Do I Have a Warrant for My Arrest?

Simply missing a court date can result in months of jail time. A warrant remains valid and is often served at inopportune moments such as during a visit to city hall, at a routine traffic stop, or even at your place of business. The judge can automatically issue an arrest warrant if you don’t show up for court, even for a traffic ticket.

If you suspect there is a warrant out for your arrest, you can contact local law enforcement authorities to find out. However, they will usually make you come in. It is important to know if there is a warrant for your arrest, they will hold you in custody. The best advice is to speak with an attorney immediately to discuss your rights and legal responsibility.

Clearing Your Name from a Warrant

The “probable cause” for an issued warrant can sometimes be defined as missing a court date, not paying a traffic ticket, or simply for breaking the law. Whatever the circumstance might be, you need professional legal assistance from an attorney to clear the warrant from your name.

There have been cases where a warrant was wrongfully issued to a person due to a mistaken identity or where an issued warrant was not valid in the first place. We have also dealt with cases where a warrant remained active even after the person settled the court matter.

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Warrants can haunt you forever and will not disappear until you take care of them in court. For legal representation and advice about a warrant against you, call the law office of Greg Gouner today at 225-293-6200.