Fresh Air and Forgotten Driving Skills

Things are starting to open up in South Louisiana. Dining rooms are seating, stores are open, church functions are returning, and people are enjoying beaches, parks and other recreational activities in what is more or less a return to normalcy.

One aspect of the moratorium on living was discovering just how out of practice people were with driving. Because driving was limited, and people had to drink at home, the rate for accidents and DWI’s plummeted by half in California alone.

Here at home, there was actually a slight increase in deadly accidents in Louisiana compared to a year ago. These were attributed to people having open roads and pushing speeds of over 100 mph. 

Now that most people are getting back on the road, the danger is dramatically increased. That is because driving is a skill, and skills must be practiced to remain competent. Simply driving in daylight hours shows there are more people on the road, but not all are concentrating on the road or traffic. There seems to be an increased use of cell phones and definitely an increase in inattentive drivers – drivers ignoring other cars, and taking their time “lollygagging” (as the old timers would say), instead of driving with intent and precision to arrive safely and soundly.

Then comes the inevitable celebratory mindset where people, who are normally responsible drinkers, may have forgotten the basic rules of drinking and driving – and get on the roads when they should not. 

A recent bad example saw a young man lose his life – not in an accident in which his 3x Blood Alcohol Content would have all but guaranteed his death- but in his encounter with police officers, where he turned a simple arrest for DUI into assault on the officers, theft of a policeman’s weapon, and an attempt to use it on the officer. No one intends for such situations to escalate so dramatically, but they do.

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Remember to be careful on the roads, and pay attention to what the other drivers are doing after three months off the road – It could save your life!

Written by Ted Baldwin

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