Get with Us ASAP After an Accident

Louisiana provides one year to make a claim for auto accident and other injury cases.  This is less time than most states, but is long enough for many people to postpone deciding what to do until near the end of the year. 
The Gouner Law Office handles wrecks and other injury cases.  The time to meet with an attorney is immediately following the accident.  Waiting until several months pass is not a good idea.  Witnesses can disappear.  Police may not prepare accident reports without prompting.  Delaying taking action can cost you money. 
Medical treatment is a key part of personal injury cases. Getting a lawyer usually means getting prompt treatment. Insurance adjusters will often urge people to wait to get treatment to see how they feel.  This is the same adjuster who will “ding” you for not getting prompt treatment and suggest any injury was small, because treatment was delayed.
Likewise, waiting to get appraisals on your vehicle damage and delaying making a claim for property loss is a mistake. After as little as a few weeks, the vehicle can start to rust, and a fresh dent will start to look old. Insurance companies will take advantage of that, saying the damage was pre-existing.

If you get in a wreck, act quickly. Call the Gouner Law Office to get your claim started.
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By Greg Gouner
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