How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Things are getting back to normal. One of the reasons is fewer people are working from home. Unfortunately, people seem to be driving more aggressively than ever before. As I ride around Baton Rouge, it seems I am seeing more wrecks. People may be stir-crazy coming out of COVID, but they do not seem ready to give their fellow drivers a break.

It’s as if some people forgot how to drive.

We are handling more auto accidents than before. If you find yourself in a situation where you are rear-ended or injured, give our office a call. We are settling nearly half of our cases for insurance policy limits. As always, we will find you a doctor or healthcare provider in your area and maximize the value of your recovery.

Most auto accident cases are settled out of court, within a few months after the accident. That means you will usually never go to court and get a recovery within a few weeks of wrapping up treatment.

The big mistake most people make is thinking they can handle the case on their own. Personal injury cases and automobile accidents are valued based on the medical treatment and injury. People get the idea that all they have to do is call the insurance company and ask for money. You have a pretty good chance of getting a settlement if you take that route, but it will be on the lower end of the scale. Both the lawyer you choose and the doctor you see can make a huge difference on the recovery side.

TV lawyers put themselves in a box. What they do not advertise is they sometimes may have to settle cases short to meet payroll in their monthly advertising bill. The Gouner Law Office has handled these cases for nearly 30 years. Our track record of maximizing recoveries is second to none. Unlike the guys who advertise on TV, we cannot be pressured to settle cases on the short side, just because we have a monthly TV spend.

Written by Greg Gouner

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