IRS Phone Scams

Telephone scams are nothing new. The latest one we are hearing about involves calls to cell phones with threats of arrest by the IRS.  These scam artists are scaring people…and getting paid. 

You can be sure that the IRS does not have a call center in India, nor will they accept payment over the phone to recall an arrest warrant. They do not take store gift card payments over the phone to resolve an arrest possibility. (Yes, this is often how the scammer will ask for payments.)

With a real IRS investigation, the first notice you will likely receive is one for an audit. The IRS then schedules a meeting at their office or at your home.  The IRS can and will levy a payroll check or bank account without a formal hearing. 

If you get a call – usually from someone with and Indian or foreign accent – saying you will be arrested, hang up or do not return the call. Whatever you do, do not pay any money. If the call leaves you rattled, contact your local IRS office for clarification. 

Below are two videos showing how a scamming operation works and how to protect yourself:

Written By: Greg Gouner
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