We have a 95% success rate in having speeding tickets and other traffic charges dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation.

Baton Rouge Traffic Ticket Lawyer That Helps You Fight the Charges

Nearly everyone who gets a traffic ticket will plead guilty. This is a mistake. Pleading guilty to a traffic charge can mean higher insurance rates and points against your driver’s license. Sending in a payment may also be a mistake that will cost thousands in increased insurance premiums. As experienced Baton Rouge traffic ticket attorneys, we handle charges statewide and can help you keep your driving record clean.


Getting a speeding ticket can mean higher insurance rates. There are several defenses that an experienced traffic attorney can assert which may be difficult for you to prove on your own. This includes errors such as whether the radar machine was properly calibrated or if the officer issuing the citation was properly qualified to operate the device. Our attorneys will find any error possible to get the ticket dismissed or reduced.

Careless Operation/Reckless Operation

Careless or reckless operation of a vehicle is a serious traffic charge often given in connection with an accident. If you plead guilty to the traffic charge, you could be admitting fault for the accident. Police officers may also add this charge on to another traffic charge. Paying this charge will almost certainly cause your insurance rates to go up a great amount. We fight to get the ticket dismissed and off your record so your insurance rates do not go up.

Auto Accidents

The biggest mistake people make is paying a ticket after being in a car accident. More often than not, paying the ticket is used as an admission of guilt for the accident. If you were cited a ticket after a car accident, speak to one of our attorneys right away to avoid being considered at fault for the crash.

Parking in a Handicapped Space

These are not simple parking tickets and are fined much more severely. The usual fine for parking in a handicapped spot is around $350 with the additional court cost of $100 or more. This could mean a total fine of up to $500. We can help you avoid these high costs, and you are guaranteed to pay no fee for these tickets if we don’t get the results in most areas of Louisiana.

Stop Signs/Red Lights Rolling Stop, Near Stop

The only evidence on these charges is the word of the officer. Unfortunately, this is usually enough for a conviction if you go it alone. Most moving violations such as this will be dismissed or adjusted if you hire the right traffic defense attorney.

Traffic Tips to Know When You Are Stopped

Tip #1: If the officer doesn’t recognize you or who your family is, telling them who you are almost certainly will not make the situation better.

Tip #2: Don’t tell the police who you know. A favorite trick of officers is to write on the citation who the person said was going to fix the ticket. The officer may also write down the exchange. A final thing that can happen if you get too crossed with a cop is arrest – an “attitude” arrest.

Tip #3: Be polite and accept the ticket. You might be able to beat the charge in court or work something out down the line with an attorney. You are not likely to win against the officer when you are on the side of the road.

Tip #4: Signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt. It is just your promise to appear later in LA Traffic Court. The best thing to do when you are on the roadside is to keep conversations short and sweet and to call a traffic attorney as soon as possible to review your case.

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