What’s Up With All the Speeding Tickets?

We are busier than ever with traffic tickets, and I’m not sure why. Maybe the reports of more families taking driving trips than ever before are true. I guess with concerns about air travel due to COVID, it may make more sense to take a car trip than to catch a flight across the country. 

The good news is many courts are cutting great deals to keep these tickets off of people’s records. 

Around the region, many courts are operating remotely or with a limited staff. That means they are more inclined to work out deals. Our best deal of the week was getting a 100mph speeding ticket reduced to a seatbelt violation. Normally, that would never happen.

The fact is people take traffic tickets way too lightly. The average cost of a traffic ticket is nearly $1000, once you figure in the points and increased insurance. We handle tickets statewide. Give us a call. We can usually work to keep the charge off your record.

Written by Greg Gouner

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