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People are back on the roads and traveling. We can tell, because calls on traffic citations are back up to pre-Covid levels. If you get a ticket, know the Gouner Law Office has a 95% success rate in having speeding tickets dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation.

Traffic tickets are not the only thing that comes from…traffic tickets. Asset forfeiture is a big revenue stream for many local governments. A few years back, some men were traveling from Texas through Louisiana, when they were stopped. Officers found over $90,000 in their car. That money was confiscated, and the men were accused of drug trafficking. In truth, they were fishermen on their way to buy a boat with cash. They ultimately got their money back but not without legal help. (That horror story had a happy ending.) 

Our attorneys have successfully challenged hundreds of thousands of dollars in alleged forfeiture cases. Usually, it is not easy. If the police take your funds, you have a very limited time to make an official challenge to the loss of your money. Miss the deadline, and it becomes nearly impossible to get your money back.

Operating throughout the Gulf South, we are familiar with most traffic courts all across Louisiana and the I-10 corridor. Speeding, careless operation, auto accidents, running red lights and even tickets for parking in handicap spots are all things our clients need help with–to say nothing of accusation of driving under the influence.  There are a lot of peculiarities to the way traffic infractions are dealt with in different Louisiana parishes. If you have expert help, however, navigating those eddies and currents is a breeze.

The most important thing is not to plead guilty. If you plead guilty, it becomes very difficult to get the charges removed from your record. That can mean higher insurance rates, points against your driver’s license and more. Sending in a payment may also be a mistake that could cost you hundreds in increased insurance premiums. 

We want you to have a clean driving record. The Gouner Law Offiice is best positioned to sweep away damaging charges, nullify overcharges, and ensure you are treated with dignity and respect–no matter where your supposed infraction occurred.

Our office has long represented people with all types of traffic issues. We often work with firms from out-of-state often in resolving issues for their clients, even in major felony related matters.

If you are not a Louisiana resident, it may seem especially daunting to be given a ticket for no reason at all (at least in your mind). The prospect of having to come back to Louisiana to deal with it makes forgetting it all seem very attractive. We are usually able to handle cases without a court appearance for most clients. 

If you ever have a traffic issue, do the wise thing…

Give us a call.

Written by Ted Baldwin

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