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Sonya D. Ryland
Originally from Alexandria, LA, Sonya D. Ryland has been a resident of the Baton Rouge area since 1974. She received her Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education degrees from LSU.
Practicing a variety of law since 1990, Sonya D. Ryland focuses primarily on bankruptcy and family law. She has helped hundreds of families and individuals rebuild their financial and personal lives through the legal process. “Divorce, money problems, and other related legal issues can truly be some of the most difficult times a family can go through,” Ryland says. “I really enjoy helping families get through those rough patches in their lives.”
Sonya D. Ryland comes from a family of attorneys. A member of the Louisiana Bar Association, Sonya graduated from Southern Law Center and practices primarily in East Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes. Her father-in-law was attorney Jerry Millican. Sonya and her husband, bankruptcy attorney J. Michael Millican, practiced law together until his death in 2003. Sonya’s deceased older brother, Judge B. Dexter Ryland, was one of the head judges for Rapides Parish. Her brother, Rebel Ryland, practiced law in Columbia, LA until his death in 2005.
Today, the family’s legal legacy continues with cousins, nieces and nephews as attorneys in various states and brother Rhett Ryland practicing personal injury law in downtown Baton Rouge.

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