Origami Traffic Fines

This may not be the best way to win friends and influence people:
An unhappy motorist who received a $137 traffic ticket for running a red light thought he “stuck it to the police” in a unique fashion when he arrived at municipal court to pay the fine, armed with a couple of Dunkin’ Donut boxes and a cell phone propped inside his shirt pocket to record the transaction.
In the video, which has now been viewed nearly one million times on YouTube, the man approaches the counter and presents the boxes to the office worker. Inside is his payment of 137 $1 bills…folded into origami pigs.
The worker refuses to accept them in that condition. The man insists the bills are legal tender, but it gets him nowhere. Eventually, the man unfolds the bills, and the clerk accepts the payment.
In this case, the joke may be on him. Paying the citation will almost certainly result in the charge appearing on the man’s driving record and a possible increase in his insurance.  A better approach would have been to either show up in court to fight the ticket or contact our office to get the charges reduced.
We can usually work with the DA’s office to have the violation changed to a non-moving charge and take the “sting” out of the stop.  Sometimes, we can have the ticket dismissed entirely.  Either way, you will almost certainly not have to appear in court or even take a driver improvement class.

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