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I’d like to start this off with a big “Thank you!” to everyone who has left the Gouner Law Office positive reviews over the last several years. 

With that in mind…

It seems there are reviews available for just about everything these days – even the local prison.

From its Google reviews (Search “EBR Parish Prison” and click the review link), it does not really seem that it is such a bad place.  Overall reviews give it three stars—on par with a midrange hotel. 

On Facebook, the EBR parish prison has an overall rating of 2.8. Things change, however, when you dig a little deeper.  Many of the good reviews are from my fellow attorneys who were pleasantly surprised to have been well treated by the staff.  They (like me) had one advantage the more permanent residents did not have: We were allowed to leave immediately after our visit. 

The Google reviews seem to have been written more by actual “customers” of the facility and do not seem to be quite as glowing:

Johnny Nelson (★ Star) ·Local Guide · 9 reviews · 4 weeks ago

Room service sucked. Terrible amenities. The view from my room was horrible! The hotel staff was beyond less than courteous!  1/10. Would not stay here again.

Towanda Gusters (★ Star) ·7 reviews · 8 photos ·2 years ago


Mike Cahill (★ Star) Local Guide · 4 reviews ·2 years ago

. . . Not a fan.

On the other hand, the prison does have a few fans:

Pierre (★★★★★Stars) 1 review· a year ago

I’ve spent a cumulative total of a bit more than two years as an inmate in this place. . .   Yes, EBRPP is sometimes rude beyond belief to visitors. The good: Until Sid Gautreaux was elected the place was nasty, the food was awful, the place was more dangerous for inmates than any state prison. . . It’s remarkably improved.

Pam Rodriguez (★★★★★Stars) 1 review· a year ago

I received all the info I needed, I was treated with respect, the gentleman was very courteous.

As a young attorney, one of my more pleasant memories while visiting the jail was its fried chicken.  I just finished meeting with my client and missed lunch.  I was hungry.  Chow time was winding down, and the cafeteria was nearly empty.  I noticed some food left on the serving line.  To the surprise of the deputy, I asked if I could sit down and have lunch.  

That chicken was really good.

I can honestly say that in my 25 years of practicing law, meeting with people in any jail is one of the saddest things I have had to do.  I have been to nearly every jail across south Louisiana. Some are new.  Some are old. None are a joy to enter.

If you ever face any legal issues, please give us a call. As a criminal defense attorney, I will work hard to keep you out of the slammer, so that my review of the fried chicken is the only one you’ll need. 

You can then leave us a five-star review about our services. 😉

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