When Facebook Is NOT Your Friend

Your friends aren’t the only ones who read Facebook and other social media. Employers look at it, as well as police, judges, jurors, and court staff. With only a few exceptions, the posts you put up now remain up and may become a problem down the road.
Just ask rapper 50 Cent.

Recently, he was almost held in contempt by a judge at his bankruptcy court hearing. In this case, the wrong people noticed he posted a picture on Instagram of him surrounded by lots of currency, raising questions about whether or not he was being truthful about his financial situation.

If you are in litigation or going through the legal system, be careful what you post. The latest trend in personal injury and criminal work is getting information from Facebook and social media on people going through the process. Some courts have ruled that what you post online is “fair game.” The Gouner Law Office has had more than one person questioned about claiming to be hurt and then having posts showing them having a good time.  Jurors have even looked at the Facebook pages of criminal defendants.
Taking down the profile may not be enough. Facebook and Twitter keep a copy of your account for some time and will provide it to law enforcement upon request. Some employers will ask applicants to open their accounts for review. The federal government routinely searches social media as part of granting security clearances.
Be smart about social media. If you don’t want to have to explain or defend it later…
Don’t post it.

Written By: Greg Gouner
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