When You Have to Cancel Your Travel Plans…

It’s summer again, and people are gearing up for family vacations.  That means travel, hotel, and airline reservations.  Sometimes, however, even the best laid plans go astray.  That’s why it is important to be aware of cancellation policies with hotel and airline reservations.
Hotels and airlines are more likely to accommodate your schedule change when they have someone to replace your cancellation.  If the hotel or airline is only half booked, it is unlikely they will help as much with a last minute change on your part.
You may have other options, depending on the credit card used to book the reservation.  Some credit card companies may offer price protections, depending on your plan.  The best policy is to make booking changes as soon as possible.  Many hotel chains and airlines have a fairly strict “no refund” policy, if the change is less than 24 hours before the service date.
Another issue is falling rates.  Sometimes, what seems like a good deal gets even better, right beforethe travel date.  Some hotels and airlines will give you the difference if rates drop.  Unless it’s in the booking contract, however, there is usually no obligation for the provider to match more recent, lower rates.  Still, many will do that as a service if you ask – and only if you ask.  It may be worth your while to double check current rates on the day of check-in, to make sure you are getting the best deal.

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