Why You Should Hire An Attorney Immediately After A Crash

The other car went through the stop sign and crashed into you, damaging your car and injuring you and your passengers. The insurance companies will all tell you that you do not need the assistance of an attorney to get your claim handled and settled. Enlisting the help of a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident, however, will help the process run more smoothly and get you the settlement you deserve.
The insurance company wants to catch you off guard and ask you numerous questions about the accident. That’s because they are looking for a way to put fault on each of the drivers. They want you to say the wrong thing on a recorded statement or have you admit there was something you could have done to avoid the accident. If you allow them, they will even get in to your medical history. What should you do?
Seek Medical Attention
In some instances, because of the adrenaline and shock of an accident, people are unaware they were injured until the day after the crash. This means medical treatment is often refused at the scene, but by the next day, drivers and passengers may start to feel their injuries. Additionally, you have a year to get your claim settled in Louisiana. Not all injuries are fully healed in a year’s time, so the sooner you begin your treatment, the sooner you can start feeling better again.

Hire an Attorney
An attorney will deal with the injury portion of your claim, speaking directly to the insurance representatives on your behalf and providing them with the information they need. If your medical treatment is ongoing as the one-year mark approaches, an attorney will file suit to extend the statute of limitations and give you more time to receive necessary treatments.
At the Gouner Law Office, we will assist you with the insurance company.  We will get the bills and records needed to accurately evaluate your claim. (Without an attorney, you will be the one collecting this material and providing it to the insurance company.) We will also evaluate your case, keep you in the loop about the “back and forth” in the negotiation, and get you top dollar for your injuries.  Once the settlement is agreed upon and the paperwork signed, you will receive your settlement without the hassle of having to deal with an insurance adjuster, repeatedly calling and asking questions. 

The best part is–we only charge a fee if there is a recovery. Since attorney settlements are usually 40% to 60% higher than those for unrepresented people, there is nothing to lose.
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