Auto Passenger Victim Claims

It’s a pretty day for a ride with a friend, but if you get into an accident and are injured, things can get complicated very quickly.

Trying to sort out liability, as well as figuring out who is going to pay for the damage done, can be very tricky. That’s because it depends on who was at fault, the relationship you have with the driver, and whether he or she is family, a spouse or friend. It also depends on whether or not the insurance companies that will become involved have a clear idea of what happened, and whether or not the state has no-fault provisos in case of accidents. 

If there were other passengers injured, each of you will have to file a separate claim. No matter whose fault it is, the driver of your vehicle is not responsible for taking care of your legal representation. You will have to get involved.

Some insurance companies have been known to escape paying by placing blame on the driver of the vehicle and his or her passengers with claims like, “You had an arm outside the car when the accident happened,” or “You weren’t buckled up.”  They could also refuse to pay altogether, if you distracted the driver. 

Whether or not your driver is found to be at fault, you normally will have to file a claim. That’s why your legal representation is important. Select someone who is well established in law and has a track record of successful settlements. Pleading your case is not something you want to do yourself.

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Written by Ted Baldwin

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