Equifax Data Breach Means $125 Minimum to Consumers

People who were interested in protecting their credit and purchased LifeLock from Equifax may have gotten the opposite of what they expected. A massive data breach by Equifax made information available to scammers– both for LifeLock and some non-customers of Equifax.  In a multi-state settlement that includes Louisiana, the company agreed to pay everyone impacted a minimum of $125 and up to $20,000. 

I urge you to click the link below to find out if you were impacted. I was surprised to find out my records were among those compromised, even though I was never a customer of Equifax. Also, I’ve included a couple links to news articles, giving more details on the settlement. As the writer of one article argues, you have a duty to make a claim to ensure large providers like Equifax are careful in the future.




Written by Greg Gouner

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