Cell Phone Plans

General thinking dictates, “Contracts are iron clad,” and “A deal’s a deal.” 
That’s not always the case. Take cell phone agreements, for instance.
Just in time for the Christmas buying season, phone carriers are introducing new cell phones for your buying pleasure.  Apple just released the iPhone5, which is racking up record sales. 
Depending on your situation, you may want to keep your old plan, rather than “upgrading” to the biggest and best plan your carrier is pushing this week.  If you insist on the latest and greatest, however, you may not have much of a choice but to be enrolled in another program that may limit services or cost more for data or text usage.
Both AT&T and Verizon make keeping your current plan nearly impossible, unless you visit the store in person to make sure the salesman does the job right.  The web tools available online are unclear at best.  Once you switch, it’s practically out of the question to change back.
With the exception of Sprint, changing phones and keeping your unlimited data option is a thing of the past, unless you’re willing to forego the discount associated with end-of-contract renewals.  

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