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Many people expected a flood of evictions to come, in response to the corona virus. So far, it has been more like a trickle. Our office has not received many calls from landlords with requests to evict.

Contrary to popular belief, there are limited restrictions on evictions resulting from the pandemic. The CARES act limits landlords getting federal loans and subsidies from evicting tenants for non-payment of rent.

It is necessary for a landlord to file an eviction notice and give five days for renters to leave the property. Actual physical eviction must be carried out by law enforcement, because no one gets to stay for free. If the tenants do not leave voluntarily, they will ultimately be put out–virus or not–a few days after court.

In the case of a live-in guest, immediate eviction might be necessary where physical or other abuse is occurring.
Here is a click-thru resource on Louisiana tenant law.

You can also read a recent article in The Advocate on local evictions.

When the situation is out of control, and your tenant is causing serious damage or expenditures, be smart. Consult with Greg Gouner or one of the other legal professionals at the Gouner Law Office.

Written by Ted Baldwin

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