Evictions and Foreclosures During the Pandemic

We get a lot of questions about evictions and rental issues coming out of this recent pandemic. The basic answer is—evictions are starting back up, as are foreclosures. 

This article details just how tough it is for many people who are renting and paying mortgages.

There are record numbers of delinquencies right now. I know it is hard, but try to think of our recent events as an opportunity to get your financial life back together. 

The coronavirus pandemic has been a reset button in many people’s lives. If you are having financial issues, now is a good time to start the next chapter of your life. It is a good time to think about bankruptcy and getting out of debt.

Our offices have helped people with this for the last 25 years, including thousands of people through the bankruptcy system. If you are overwhelmed with debt, get a fresh start. Contact us today.

Written by Greg Gouner

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