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If you are presently in a bankruptcy with us, please call our office before you finalize the resolution of any claims with your insurer.  As part of the bankruptcy process, the trustee will likely have to approve your settlement before you can conclude the process.  We understand this may slow the process of resolving your claim and complicate the handling.
For a homeowner, this may mean you will need to provide an accounting of the repairs to be done and document where the money goes as part of the process.  Unfortunately, this is one of those situations where it is much better to be safe than sorry.  You do not want to settle the claim and cash the check without getting proper approval, then having the trustee file an objection to your getting a discharge or a request for a dismissal.

We do not expect this will be a major roadblock for most people; however, part of being in bankruptcy is having some oversight from the court.  Our office is here to assist.  

Call us before completing any deals with the your insurance company.

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