Traffic, Technology and Privacy

Police are getting more aggressive about traffic violations. In some states, that includes stepping up enforcement of texting and driving violations. New York lawmakers are considering a law to make it mandatory for drivers in a wreck to have their cell phones scanned to see if they have used them before the crash.
The New York bill raises privacy concerns, because it would allow the police to go through your phone as part of a routine fender bender. The technology already exists that allows police to do an automatic search of phones, and it’s being used by the FBI.  If other states adopt similar laws, local police could start using the scanners on cell phones to catch people who text and drive.
The budget crunch in Louisiana has already resulted in additional law enforcement and revenue collections through ticket writing.  It would not be a surprise if our state joins the trend of checking cell phone usage as part of the process.  This could also result in insurance companies having more reasons to increase rates and possibly drop some drivers.

We know people are reluctant to call an attorney for something that seems “minor.” Tickets, however, sometimes snowball. Over a few years, a few tickets can result in a big bump in your insurance premiums. The Gouner Law Office handles criminal and traffic charges statewide. We can get authorities across Louisiana to offer breaks on most tickets.  With more aggressive and frequent ticketing, it is important to keep your record as clean as possible.

Written By: Greg Gouner
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