Holiday Envy

The holiday hoopla of Independence Day is over.  Kids are back in school.  Yes, it’s September. The 9th month of our calendar year, September was named Septimus, meaning “seventh” in Latin.  September was, in fact, the seventh month of the Roman calendar until 46 B.C., but it still kept the same name.
Other than Labor Day, there are some rather obscure holidays throughout September. Here is a list of some of the more unique holidays that fall this month:
Month Long Observances
Baby Safety Month
Better Breakfast Month
Cable TV Month
Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month
Classical Music Month
Library Card Sign-Up Month
National Chicken Month
National Courtesy Month
National Honey Month
National Pediculosis Prevention Month
National Piano Month
National Rice Month
National School Success Month
National Sewing Month
Read-A-New-Book Month
Women of Achievement  Month
Week Long Observances
1st Week – Child Injury Prevention Week (every September 1st – 7th)
2nd Week – International Housekeepers Week
3rd Week – National Child Care  Week
3rd Week – National Farm Animals Awareness Week
3rd Week – National Flower Week
4th Week – Equal Parents’ Week
4th Week – National Dog Week (Check out my page for this special day!)
4th Week – National Roller Skating Week
Bonus Holiday
Father’s Day in Australia (Celebrated on the first Sunday in September)

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