Hurricane Claims

Hurricane Isaac passed through the Baton Rouge area, doing less harm than many expected.  If your home was damaged, it’s important to document your claims to receive a fair payout from your insurance company.  If you have any out-of-pocket costs, keep the receipts or credit charges.  Insurers usually want paperwork for your expenses and will not just take your word.

Take pictures with your camera or phone to document the loss.  If you paid for a repair before the adjuster could look at the damage, photos may be the difference between getting the claim paid or denied. You may also have to be fairly patient.  During times of disaster, insurance companies are often swamped with claims and take longer to make decisions.  Also, by statute, insurers have up to 30 days to evaluate a claim before any penalties start.  The law requires, however, that you provide enough information for them to fully evaluate a claim  – hence the importance of keeping photos, receipts, and other documentation. If you do not feel you were treated fairly by your homeowners or other insurance company, we may be able to help.  Louisiana allows for attorneys fees and other penalties if your insurer denies a legitimate claim.  Please feel free to call or contact us to help.

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