July 4th “Firewater”

We really enjoy toasting to fireworks in the sky on the 4th of July! Drinking and driving while celebrating America’s independence, however, is not exciting. If you are handcuffed in the back of a squad car, it’s just the startof a rough weekend. Holidays like this one are prime time for law enforcement to make arrests.

In Louisiana, DWI law not only cover cars, but also watercraft and aircraft. Jet skis and small light aircraft are the same to the law as your 1971 Beetle. 

You just can’t. 

It does not take much alcohol, either. A.08% blood alcohol content (or BAC) is enough to make your life a legal mess…and that amount is not what people consider much more than a ‘buzz’! Drink and drive, and you could be in a lot of trouble, along with your job, license–and who knows what else.

People who represents themselves in DUI matters may have a problem with alcohol and not know it. The Gouner Law Office is experienced in dealing with the repercussions of being stopped for driving under the influence. We know the ins and outs for first-time offenders, the best ways to save your license and keep you out of jail, as well as how to help with an array of judgments designed to intimidate you and make suspects “knuckle under.” We can help you understand what your rights are and help you avoid paying more than your fair share for what is rightly regarded as a serious infraction. (You might not have even been charged properly.)

As the number of offenses grows, the punishments are also more serious. (In 2019, the July 4thholiday happens on a Thursday. Many judges take an early vacation, so you could be in jail until Monday before they set a bond.)For first time offenders, however, a number of escape routes are available for people who act swiftly and decisively about their arrest. 

You might not have to spend time in jail, have much of a fine to pay…and might even get to keep your license, but only an attorneycan look objectively at the options and guide you through the legal maze.

Greg Gouner has represented unfortunate partygoers for 20+ years in Louisiana. He knows a lot about options courts must honor for first time offenders – even if the police have a different opinion. You must act fast though, as there is a 30-day window from the time of your arrest, to file to request to keep your operator’s license.

July 4thor not…

Regardless of when your troubles occur, let us help you! 

Written by Ted Baldwin 

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