Running Out

We get calls all the time from people who have been in auto accidents or injured and want to get paid. Many people almost look at a personal injury claim as a bank they can tap at any time. They often find out the hard way that they waited too long.

Most states have a two to five-year period in which to file personal injury claims. If you are injured in Louisiana, however, you have only one year to file suit. That seems like a long time, but by the time you discover the extent of your injuries, the clock might already be running out. You might find yourself trying to work with an attorney who doesn’t think your case is big enough, or simply does not realize what your specific injury means to your life.

Indifference is the rule for most insurance companies. The job of the insurance adjuster is to get you to go away or take as long as possible to “take action.” If you have a claim, your best chance for a speedy recovery is with the help of an attorney. 
The Gouner Law Office has recovered millions of dollars for thousands of people over the last 25 years. Attorney Greg Gouner is experienced in helping you find the right action to take, in the event you are injured. Your injury might not be life changing or catastrophic, but it matters to you…and you matter to us. 

Even $5k,10k, or $15k in restitution can make a big difference in your future and help you adjust to whatever inconvenience the injury has caused. Moving on might be worth more than holding out for major damages and ending up only slightly ahead of a mutually agreed upon settlement. 

Having an experienced lawyer assist you in asking for damages can keep the offending party from attempting to settle at a much lower rate than the injury warrants. Greg Gouner has successfully settled and litigated claims, and can tell you what to expect. He can also tell you about standard operating procedure in such cases, when the opposition usually cuts losses and agrees with the injured party as to restitution, and when to push forward with making a statement and hold the company accountable for their actions in a very public way.

Whether you have a small accident, a slip and fall, or have been injured by an accident involving an 18-wheeler, the Gouner Law Office can help move your claim forward, with a timely and appropriate resolution.

Written by Ted Baldwin 

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