Legal “Cleanup” for the New Year

All halls are undecked, bows have been returned to the attic, trees are gone from the roadside, and all the batteries in new toys are thankfully exhausted. There may, however, be some Christmas/New Year’s “cleanup” that still needs to be tended to.

Maybe it was a simple citation for driving under the influence. A clean family fight might have ended in a messy separation. Perhaps you experienced catastrophic losses gaming.

Regardless of the situation–it is a new year with hope on the horizon.  Let’s look at three types of serious legal problems that are certainly manageable with the right help:

This is the most pressing charge. While it may seem grim, there is hope. The arrest may have been compromised in some way.  Evidence against you may be faulty. The officer may have told you untruths about your BAC (blood alcohol content) to get you to confess. Evidence may not have been properly logged, preserved or recorded. The arresting officer may not have had a valid reason to stop you or test you for DUI. Only a legal professional can make that determination.

You have rights. You are fighting a quota system that does not always get it right. Simply because you know better than to drink and drive does not mean you have to roll over and fall on your sword in atonement. Let an attorney evaluate and handle your problem and find the best possible outcome for you.

Family separations and breakups are hard to face, especially during the holidays. That’s because a new year is supposed to be filled with hope and positivity. Perhaps it was just the frantic heat of the holiday season. If no reconciliation is possible, however, it is wise to set emotional turmoil aside and explore the legal ramifications of separation from a long-term companion or spouse.

With a separation with the intent to divorce, separate domiciles must be established, separate finances developed, and a strict “no-touch policy” must be followed – not in love, not in anger. Failure to follow the rules regarding separations could cost you in court, with a judge whose sympathies lie against you, because of spousal abuse or stinginess.

Worse yet, if mandatory separation laws are not observed, a full legal separation and divorce or annulment could be jeopardized. You might have to start the separation all over again or pay a lot more to your spouse or companion.

Incurring huge gaming losses or overspending on Christmas purchases could mean financial ruin, but a legal professional can look at the damage to potentially help you clear a path to financial recovery. Bankruptcy may help – either to restructure or to clear out old bills.

All three of these predicaments can intertwine, as well. A look into the circumstances jeopardizing your future may require closer scrutiny. If drinking, gambling, and a destroyed marriage are indications of deeper problems in life, then recovery programs are suggested, so that the underlying problems are treated. This has the added benefit of impressing legal authorities, who have the ultimate task of ordering judgments for the good of society.

The Gouner Law Firm can help minimize the unforeseen legal problems that sometimes need cleanup. Contact Greg Gouner for a New Year cleanup crew today!

Self-Help Resources:
Alcoholics Anonymous (Most cities have AA meetings and their own web presence.)

For Families:

If you lost big while gambling:
Gambler’s Anonymous

Written by Ted Baldwin

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