Live Longer—Boost Your Credit Score!

The single biggest predictor of how long you will live is your credit score.  This is not a joke. Insurance companies were the original pioneers of big data and always used hundreds of different metrics to figure out how long people who apply for life insurance will live. Today, access to your credit score is one of the factors used in making that call.  More goes into it than just your credit score, but that is the single biggest predictor.

We have done bankruptcy law for nearly 25 years and have raised credit scores for thousands of people.  I had no idea that we were saving lives, but I suppose the lowered stress that comes with less debt and a higher credit score might actually contribute to a longer life.

The average bankruptcy filing often has 100+ point boost in credit score rating. Many people find this hard to believe, but wiping out tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt results in an increase for the majority of people who have to file.

I do not necessarily recommend bankruptcy filing as a means to extend life. Then again, it may free up a lot of time and life energy that could be used to work second, and in some case, third jobs.  I can also say that every one of my clients who successfully completed a bankruptcy seemed much happier being debt-free.

As an added bonus, please check out this link for the longevity test.  If you have been turned down on application for insurance, you may want to get a free copy of the medical history the insurance company likely used to evaluate you.

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