Why “Big Box” Attorneys Might Not Be Your Best

You’ve seen the billboards on the interstate and the ads on television, making grand promises of hundred thousand dollar settlements. (Even their jingles are catchy!) When you need someone in your corner to fight for you and defend your interests, however, are the TV lawyers in it for you? What really matters is the outcome and services that are provided to you.

Service is key. At the Gouner Law Office, we get to know each and every person we represent. People who go to the big brand named lawyer from TV are not always sure exactly who is representing them. It certainly isn’t going to be the attorney on the commercial or the one whose name is on the building. Although each case is different, many of the large firms apply a cookie cutter approach, rather than a tailormade strategy to your case.

You are not just a number at the Gouner Law Office. We are able to communicate easily, effectively, and directly with you. Our staff will provide you with reasonable expectations about your case, based on information specific to you and your treatment. With this information, you can make the best decisions regarding your settlement.

The so-called “big box” attorneys do not even evaluate their own cases.  There is usually a paralegal or intake person going off a checklist to figure out if they even want to look at your case.  They will stop listening the moment they figure out you are calling about something other than a rear-end car accident.

I have collected major recoveries for people over the years after a TV lawyer told them they didn’t wanted to touch the case. I guess if you have millions of dollars to spend on advertising, you can afford to throw away most of your potential clients.

The Gouner Law Office is a full-service firm. We represent people for accident/injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and family law.  When you have a problem, give us a call.  We are always ready to help.  Even if we do not do what you need, we can always make a personal recommendation for someone who best fits the service.

Don’t buy into the hype of the commercials and ads. Know who is representing you and how they will work with you to get your case resolved.

Written By: Katherine Gouner

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