Personal Injury: Winning BIG in Louisiana

It is hard to turn on daytime TV and not be blasted with courtroom shows and personal injury lawyer advertisements. It’s not uncommon for the person acting like a victim to say how simple it all was to score $100K or $200K for a car wreck.

We have recovered millions on behalf of our clients. Our recovery record is as good as any office–better than most. What we do not do is advertise for personal injury cases. In my opinion, it gives people the wrong impression of how the legal system works.

There are people who have received large settlements for personal injury, but those are not the majority of the cases settled in day-to-day legal activities. They don’t tell you that most of the big money goes toward restoring some semblance of normal life to their daily grind.  

A big issue with recovery is available funds. Most automobile insurance policies are for the minimum limits: $15,000 per person.  It is a respectable amount of money. It will help you to pay the expenses of minor surgery, lost wages, doctors and other health care professionals. Those add up quickly, which is why you need to take any personal injury seriously. 

The Gouner Law Firm can handle any size of personal injury lawsuit and can help you deal with reluctant insurance companies and the confident and unconcerned lawyers representing them. We can help you examine all of the variables needed for a successful recovery and get appropriate monetary relief.

One aspect of winning big in personal injury is to never negotiate settlements yourself. An insurance claim is not something you want to do on your own. Many factors have to be considered, and a reasonable-seeming offer might not help in the long run. You don’t have anything to gain by being in a hurry. The driver who ran into you or the circumstances that caused the injury is where “hurry” should end. 

It comes down to this: Who is going to pay for your injuries? Sadly, most people end up paying the bulk of medical costs and other losses themselves. Drivers are required by law to be insured. Asking the person who hurt you to pay for your recovery is not a sin, nor is it greedy. Businesses know they have to provide safe work places and have insurance. These institutions exist to care for people who have injuries stemming from everyday mishaps. Good businesses are honest, but most will try to minimize their exposure. It is important that your representative stand up for your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

Unlike law firms you see on TV, the Gouner Law Office handles all our cases in-house. Nothing is farmed out or outsourced to other offices. If you hire us, you get us. 

That is how you “win big” in Louisiana.

Written by Ted Baldwin

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