Adoption Possibilities

Adopting a child in Louisiana is easier than ever, but the first step is to determine your qualifications: You must be 18 years of age (married or single). In special circumstances of a stepparent, grandparent or not-too-distant relative wishing to adopt, the child must have resided with you for six months. 

This comes under the classification of inter-family adoption. It is usually done through an agency which arranges for an attorney and the specifics.  There will usually be fees. A state worker will do an in-home evaluation. There are many formalities, but the agency will usually take an active role in making sure everything is done.

The other kind of adoption is an intra-family adoption. An example is if a cousin or sister can no longer care for a child, and you have been asked to take on the responsibility of raising the child as your own. This is pretty common in second marriages. There may be an absent parent – often the father, and the current husband wants to adopt the child. 

Intra-family adoptions need a private attorney. Our office handles several of these cases a year. If everyone involved is in agreement, the adoption approval process is a matter of signing paperwork and appearing before a judge in Family or Juvenile Court.  These usually go forward without a hitch. 

Looking for a place to start your research into the responsibilities of caring for a foster or adopted child? the Louisiana Department of Children and Family and Services has an extremely useful and easy-to-use website.

Another helpful source is Adopt Us Kids.

The Gouner Law Firm can assist you with the ins and outs of legal adoption, no matter the age range or circumstance. We will make sure your rights are a matter of law, and not just someone’s promises. A child needs more than a promise. Greg Gouner is can help!

Written by Ted Baldwin

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