The 1,300

Do you know where the speed traps are in Louisiana?  

Does Golden Meadow ring a bell? Maybe I-10 through LaPlace rings familiar… or Washington, just above Lafayette and other stretches on I-49. 

You may know five or six more, but according to one source, there are almost 1,300 regular speed traps in Louisiana. 

Most of the better-known traps are run by law officers in small towns off the beaten path. They are a main revenue source for some communities. Many communities don’t seem to have much going on, other than a grocery store, bank, and a cop or two writing tickets to travelers. 

Cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans are better organized. They out-source the labor of monitoring traffic cameras to private companies and mail out thousands of tickets every month.  Then they wait for the money to be automatically transferred to the city bank accounts. 

Either way, they are about raising money.

You may know the drill. You are going along a deserted rural road. You come to a small town that is barely a dot on the map. What you did not expect is for the local cops to capitalize on the low speed limit for the three or four blocks making up the town to issue tickets. The next thing you know is that you get a ticket you don’t think you deserve. 

When you get caught speeding in rural Louisiana, you don’t have a lot of options or much time to get things worked out for the good. You are certainly not going to work anything out with the local traffic cop, who may have to write a book of tickets every day to keep his job.

Pleading guilty and paying the ticket, or sending in the payment may seem the easiest answer, but it could ultimately cost you thousands of dollars in higher insurance premiums! 

Letting an experienced and knowledgeable attorney run interference for you can save you hassle and cash in the future. In places where the court officials and clerks are part-time employees, it may be difficult to track them down, due to irregular business hours. How much time can you afford off from home or work to go to court – especially if it is half the way across the state? 

Attorney Greg Gouner and his staff know who to call and how to reach the outliers. They know both the big city and small town systems, and the people who run them. 

Greg Gouner has been fighting for drivers for 25 years, all along Louisiana’s highways and byways. If you are a visitor to Louisiana, Greg can handle things for you–most likely without you having to return to the state to appear in court. He has a better than 95% success rate in getting tickets and traffic charges completely dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation, keeping your insurance record spotless. 

The sooner you call, the more time Greg and his staff will have to work on your case. 

Written By Ted Baldwin

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