When Injury Is Personal

Personal injury in Louisiana, due to the negligence of others, is shockingly high.  This includes people running stop signs, impaired driving, accidents caused by speeding, and work-related injuries.

The Gouner Law Office represents clients involved in traffic and auto accidents, slips and falls, defective products, and animal caused injuries. We handle these cases statewide and get top dollar recoveries for injured people.

Perhaps the most common personal injury in Louisiana is from vehicular accidents. We recommend you carry uninsured motorist coverage and maximum limits, so you can avoid auto insurance pitfalls.  It can be the difference between getting paid and receiving nothing. The costs may be more, but for that “just in case moment,” it is well worth it.  

To those people who don’t carry the coverage and tell us they will just sue and take the “at fault” person’s house, we try to explain that it is not that simple: When people don’t carry insurance, there is usually no house to take. 

Other situations could affect your financial recovery, as well:

  • If you’re injured, you could be heavily involved in recovering from your injuries–only to find out you missed the filing deadline. Folks are often surprised to learn that in Louisiana, the statute of limitations or prescriptive period to file a claim, is just one year.
  • Maybe you accepted a small settlement to get it out of the way, but your injuries took time to develop. 


    You cannot take another bite from “the damages” apple. Once the case is settled, it is over.  From the onset, you have to make sure your injuries are fully compensated as part of the settlement. 
  • The insurance company will try to get you to settle for pennies on the dollar and may persuade you that you don’t need to get an attorney involved. They ALWAYS have attorneys involved on the insurance side of things, and they do not feel bad for you at all.
    The worst ones will simply refuse to talk to you and dodge any claims you file. 

Hiring the Gouner Law Office means you stand a better chance of getting the money you need to cover your losses. Medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, and emotional trauma are all factors that need to be addressed to make you whole–at least in theory. The injury is bad enough, without being subjected to the whims of ruthless insurers.

We have won millions of dollars for our clients. If you let our office take on the insurance companies for you, you stand a chance of breaking more than even – which is a good deal. Our experienced team of attorneys and staff know the difficulties of taking on the big corporations, their insurance companies, and their attorneys. We are always on your side, looking out for your rights.

A debilitating injury is often an emotionally trying time, as well. Greg Gouner knows what must be done to help restore you to fighting form, and his caring attitude and trusted staff give people the extra helping hand and steady arm they need to navigate these territories.

The average personal injury suit is between $10K and $30K. This means that the typical personal injury is NOT a devastating one–often a whiplash or a sprain. Even these injuries are serious enough, however, to warrant hiring us to make sure you are treated with the respect and receive the money you deserve.

Written by Ted Baldwin

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