Why Contact An Attorney After Your Car Accident

Insurance companies will insist you do not need to involve an attorney following a car crash. They will also tell you they will be able to assist you through the settlement process in a quick and easy way. The insurance company does want to help you quickly settle your claim, but is that the best thing for you?
For one thing, you may not realize you have been injured until a few days after the accident. If you settle a claim with the “at fault” insurance company too quickly, you may waive your right to have future related treatment for your injuries covered. Insurance companies will try to wave a settlement check in front on you early on, in an effort to get you to settle your claim with minimal treatment. 
Another issue that frequently comes up in car crashes is that insurance companies generally look for a way to put liability on both parties in a wreck. The insurance company may try to tell you that you have some negligence, or fault, in the accident, even if you are the one who was hit. Hiring an attorney early in your case will give your lawyer a chance to argue your case with the insurance company and ensure you get the full amount of the settlement you deserve.
Hiring an attorney to represent you following an accident will help ensure your case is being handled in a timely manner, investigated properly and settled fairly–only after you have completed your treatment and are fully comfortable with settlement. In the event of lengthy treatment or issues with the liability decision of the insurance company, your attorney can file suit to extend the life of your case and preserve your right to collect for your injuries, as well as your pain and suffering.
Don’t get pushed into an early or partial settlement by insurance companies following an accident. Call the Gouner Law Office for representation.


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